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Comedy Wham Presents

Sep 27, 2019

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On location at 2019 Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in downtown Austin, Seattle's Andy Iwancio sits down with Valerie Lopez to talk about how she made the move from the home of The Wire to the home of Starbucks (Baltimore to Seattle), how her talents as a DJ helped her set the stage for a comedy career, and how freeing it's been to place her relationship with her partner above all else.  
Andy can be seen while in Austin:
  • Altercation Festival - Thursday 9/26 at Kickbutt Coffee 
  • The Velv - Friday 9/27 early show 
  • Live from Coldtowne - Friday 9/27, 10pm at Coldtowne Theater
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Music - "Nice" - Drone Rivers / Bandcamp