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Comedy Wham Presents

Jan 13, 2020

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This week, Kat Ramzinzki invites Valerie Lopez into her home to talk about how stories have shaped her life, but also shape her ability to weave a story, or a even a rap lyric, how she's survived more than enough knocks, and gives us the inside scoop on how the viral video Belle & Boujee came to be.
Kat can be seen:
  • Live from Coldtowne - co-host Fridays 10pm at Coldtowne Theater
  • SIRI vs ALEXA - A.I. RAP BATTLE!!!!! -
  • SIRI vs ALEXA vs GOOGLE HOME - Rap Battle part 2!!! -
  • Red vs Blue, Season 14 on Rooster Teeth as the voice of Sherry
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