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Comedy Wham Presents

Sep 2, 2019

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This week, we go on location to sit down with Robyn Reynolds and special guest co-host Hammy.  Robyn talks to Valerie Lopez about how pushing boundaries while remaining very likeable runs in the family, being philosophical about FPIA, and gives us great insights into how they've learned how to write jokes.
Robyn can be seen:
  • Sweet Lightning - Fallout Theater, every Saturday 8:30pm, catch him in August before a new cast starts in September
  • Basement Brawl - an improv comedy competition, Fallout Theater, every Monday 9:30pm 
  • Chesterfield - sketch at Coldtowne Theater on most Saturdays, 11:30pm
  • Dead of Nights - late night talk show with Devon Coleman, starting October on Fridays with Devon Coleman at Fallout Theater
  • Golf Cart (sketch duo with Robyn and Kelty Dorsey) is set to return in December at Fallout Theater
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