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Comedy Wham Presents

Jun 26, 2020

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This week, Vladimir Caamaño sits down with Valerie Lopez to talk about how starting comedy in New York City was a successful training ground in no small part due to living rent free with his dad, successfully landing Just For Laughs Montreal, and his growing TV career.  Apologies in advance for the deep dive into a single guest appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and 3 guest appearances on Superstore, but these are top-notch guest appearances worthy of discussion.  Caamaño shares his outlook on getting to co-star with Edie Falco on the CBS drama (and departure from comedy) "Tommy" and the confidence he gained from working on such a variety of projects.  Where will things go next? Even Caamaño isn't sure, and he knows he's not in control.  So we'll be patient for the next televised appearance (which as it turns out is happening now on TBS' Tournament of Laughs airing Sundays!) and hope to see him do a comedy tour through Austin.
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