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Comedy Wham Presents

Jun 25, 2021

2021 Summer Vacation Series

Destination: Toronto, Canada

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This week, Mike Carrozza sits down with Valerie Lopez to talk about the curious events surrounding the release of his debut album Cherubic, growing up with JFL Montreal in your backyard, and spends the rest of the time hyping other comics. Check out his podcast xBummerxBoysx with co-hosts Alex Kolanko (covering sad songs) and his other podcast We Didn't Get a Rose with co-host Chris Mejia recapping The Bachelor.

Want to know more about comedy in Toronto/Montreal and Canada in General?

Mike's recommendations for comics to check out from Canada include: Arthur Simeon, Deborah DiGiovanni, Nour Hadidi, Brendon Ash- Mohammed, Hoodo Hersi, Mark Forward, Steph Tolev, Ivan Decker, Deanne Smith, Rodney Ramsey, Sterling Scott, Graham Clark, Sophie Buddle, Mayce Galoni, Jacob Samuel, Nick Nemeroff, Matt Wright, Hisham Kelati, and Rebecca Reeds.

He also recommends we watch The Mayor of Comedy: A Canadian Stand-up Story to learn more about Canadian comedy and the challenges of trying to perform in the US. ( ) 

If you're in Canada, check out the comedy scene where comics to work very hard for your laughs because silence is never rewarded and so they keep the punchlines coming at you. Canada is the home of the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal.

Mike can be seen and heard:

  • Online - Check his social media for dates
  • xBummerxBoysx Podcast - Mike and co-host Alex Kolanko talk about songs that made them sad that week
  • We Didn't Get a Rose Podcast - Mike and co-host Chris Mejia recap The Bachelor
  • Cherubic - debut comedy album available everywhere

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