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Comedy Wham Presents

Jun 6, 2022

2022 Moontower Just for Laughs Comedy Festival Series

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Mike Falzone sits down with Valerie Lopez to talk about his start as a musician, the culture shock of moving from Connecticut to Los Angeles with his wife, being an early Youtube (and podcasting) star, the perspective he's gained from having not one, but two health scares, and finding success through perseverance with his creative crowd work show, Surrounded.
Recorded April 2022 at Moontower Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.

Recorded April 2022 at Moontower Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

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  • Debut Special: You Got Toes (Tubi)
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    • Dynamic Banter (stay tuned for big news about DB becoming more than just a podcast!)
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  • Hosted Shows - Surrounded every first Friday at Hollywood Improv (7:00pm and 9:45pm)
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    • Since 2006, Mike has been creating videos on Youtube - head there to see them all


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