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Comedy Wham Presents

Feb 19, 2020

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This week, we bring you Part 2 of the Comedy Wham Presents Anniversary celebration!  Duncan Carson sits down with Valerie Lopez and very special co-host Travis to talk the origin of Sure Thing and Sure Thing Records, run by Duncan Carson and Brendan K O'Grady.  Duncan and Brendan have supported Comedy Wham Presents since being the very first guests on our first podcast episode! 
Duncan talks about how the record label has continued to produce several albums a year, including Duncan's own excellent album Pointless. We also get a sneak peek into some future album releases, including Amber Bixby's Valentine's Day release Teen Mom!  We all get the fun history behind Sure Thing the show and Duncan shares with us how the move from one location as a free show to Fallout Theater as a paid show originally made him nervous, but ultimately has proved to be a continuing success as one of the Fallout Theater's flagship shows. And then we spend the rest of the time talking about Girl Scout cookies, Star Wars, Legos and a major lightbulb controversy breaks out (we're not kidding).
Duncan can be seen and/or heard:
  • Sure Thing - Fridays 9:30 pm at Fallout Theater (@surethingatx)
  • Pointless - his debut album is available on Sure Thing Records
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