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Comedy Wham Presents

Oct 3, 2021

2021 Moontower Comedy Festival Series

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This week, Jeremiah Watkins sits down with Valerie Lopez to talk about how life has changed since our last Moontower check in in 2019.

It's a lot: from becoming a father to releasing his debut comedy special Jeremiah Watkins: Family Reunion (both on the same day!), to launching the wildly successful Scissor Brothers podcast!

Watkins shares how he's become more judicious with his time given his new projects on top of his longrunning Jeremiah Wonders podcast and his need to be creative.

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Jeremiah can be seen and heard:

  • Debut Special: Jeremiah Watkins: Family Reunion (Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV)
  • Podcasts (available on Youtube and your favorite podcast player)
    • The Scissor Brothers
    • Jeremiah Wonders
    • The Building Years
  • Album - Regan and Watkins (2019)
  • Hosted Shows - Standup on the Spot at The Comedy Store
  • Video Series - "How to Get Fired" video series featuring Josh Wolf
  • Roadie "Mosh Pit" for The Goddamn Comedy Jam

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