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Comedy Wham Presents

Jul 27, 2021

2021 Summer Vacation Series

Destination: Los Angeles, California

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This week, Daniel Eachus sits down with Valerie Lopez to talk about being an award-winning jazz musician and how it translated to his comedy pacing, how reading the biographies of notable comics helped him see the behind the scenes work needed to become successful, and how putting his foot in a million doors translates accomplishing his goals as a comic, author, and actor.

Want to know more about comedy in Los Angeles, California?

Daniel's recommendations for comics to check out from LA include: JC Currais, James Frey, and Samuel J Comroe.

If you're in LA and you're reading this, you already know that LA is one of the biggest comedy scenes in the country - there's something for every taste. In fact, Daniel suggests getting a bit out of the hub of LA and head south to Orange County which has a lot of great shows to offer with a lot of young up and coming comics. La Cave in Costa Mesa, The Rec Room in Huntington Beach, and the Irvine Improv are destinations to check out. As he tells it, Orange County is where you go for stage time and LA is where you go to network and meet people.

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