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Comedy Wham Presents

May 10, 2022

2022 Moontower Just For Laughs Comedy Festival Series Read the article at 

Jeremiah Watkins talks to Valerie Lopez for the 5th time about how focusing on himself has lead to bigger and bigger opportunities, his Standup on the Spot show becoming a series recorded at the world famous Comedy Store, the success of the Scissor Bros Podcast, and enjoys a root beer to celebrate his induction into the Wham of Fame.

Recorded April 2022 at Moontower Just For Laughs Comedy Festival

Thank you to Avery Pearson for the original song "Wham of Fame"

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Jeremiah can be seen and heard:

  • Debut Special: Jeremiah Watkins: Family Reunion (Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV)
  • Podcasts (available on Youtube and your favorite podcast player)
    • The Scissor Bros
    • Jeremiah Wonders
    • The Building Years
  • Album - Regan and Watkins (2019)
  • Hosted Shows - Standup on the Spot at The Comedy Store
  • Video Series
    • Standup on the Spot (debut April 25, 2022)
    • "How to Get Fired" video series featuring Josh Wolf


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