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Comedy Wham Presents

Jul 19, 2021

2021 Summer Vacation Series

Destination: Sacramento, California

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This week, Keith Lowell Jensen sits down with Valerie Lopez to talk about his roots as a punk band member, lessons learned from ignoring comedy advice, and how to land a book deal with one of the best book titles in the history of book titles (and then land a 2nd book deal).

Want to know more about comedy in Sacramento, California ? Keith's recommendations for comics to check out from Sacramento include: Johnny Taylor, Ngaio Bealum, Becky Lynn, Parker Newman, Chazz Hawkins, Mike E. Winfield, Kiry Shabazz, and JR De Guzman.

If you're in Sacramento, check out the comedy scene where comics generally work at one club in town, but often head to nearby San Francisco to earn greater fame while maintaining their home base in Sacramento.

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