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Comedy Wham Presents

Sep 8, 2021

2021 Summer Vacation Series

Destination: Houston, Texas

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This week Zahid Dewji talks to Valerie as we return close to home for our final episode of the 2021 Summer Vacation Series.  Zahid was one of our very favorite comics on the Isolation Comedy show and we're lucky that he regularly performs in Austin as well as his home base of Houston.  Zahid tells us about the musicality of comedy, his 'journey' (that's an inside joke, by the way), and why he'd like to perform from bed to an audience of no one (but no one will let him), and what it's like to create, run, and oversee Houston's The Secret Group.


Want to know more about comedy in Houston, TX?

Zahid's recommendations for comics to check out from Houston include:  Andrew Youngblood, Tre Tutson, Victor Tran, Grady Pruitt, Radu Bondar, Mykal Dédé, Dusti Rhodes, Bob Morrissey, Jeff Joe Bob Biggerstaff, Tess Vergault, Kaylee White, Royce Moore, and the Houston list isn't completely with GOAT Andy Huggins.  (He apologizes in advance for all the people he forgot and vows to never name people on the spot ever again.)

If you're in Houston, Zahid says be prepared for a different type of comedy than what you may be used to in Austin.  Let's just say that Houston comics like a good fight.  It's best heard in Zahid's words

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Zahid can be seen and heard:

  • Bad Idea (Host) - The Secret Group Fridays 8pm
  • Trash Flavored Trash (co-host with Andrew Youngblood) - The Secret Group Tuesdays at 10pm
  • Comedian Shuts Down the Re-Opening of Texas During COVID-19  (  )