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Comedy Wham Presents

Apr 20, 2016

Why did Kelsey Caine move to NYC? How has it been for her? What is she doing back in Austin? 

Photo Source: Moontower Comedy

Apr 20, 2016

What does it take to create a salty comedian who likes making audiences growing up in Houston with a ball-busting family helps. Find out more about Kelsey Caine's past by listening to her interview with Valerie Lopez. 

Photo Source: Vimeo

Apr 19, 2016

Lashonda Lester talks about obstacles, performing and teaching stand up. 

Photo Credit: Richard Watson

Apr 19, 2016

Lashonda Lester, aka The Kitten From Murder Mitten talks to Valerie Lopez about growing up in Detroit, and getting a taste for comedy. 

Photo Credit: Austin Jernigan

Apr 17, 2016

From the Virgin Islands straight to Austin via St. Louis, Yusef Roach talks with Lara Smith about his career in comedy, finding a voice and the quest for constant improvement.