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Comedy Wham Presents

Aug 3, 2021

2021 Summer Vacation Series

Destination: Melbourne, Australia

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This week Janet McLeod talks to Valerie about her start in comedy involved an inflatable chair, how her helpful nature and love of comedy evolved into her role as a connector (which is exactly why we got to know her - without her, we never would have landed the great Australian comics that we did on our Isolation Comedy Online show in 2020), and how she's been thriving with her own online shows and trivia events.

Want to know more about comedy in Melbourne, Australia?

Janet's mentions and recommendations for comics to check out from Melbourne or larger Australia include: Cal Wilson, Tim Minchin, DJ Andrew McClelland, Ethan Cavanagh, Oliver Clark, Dane Simpson, Jude Perl, Reuben Kaye, Geraldine Quinn, Kirsty Webeck, Claire Hooper, and Ivan Aristeguieta.

If you're in Melbourne, Australia Janet, recommends that you check out the handful of comedy clubs in town and there are 3-5 standup comedy shows each night. Similar to most developed American comedy towns, you can see everything from bar shows, to club shows, to large theater shows. We won't comment on whether this is similar to other scenes or not, but McLeod likens the Melbourne scene to a giant dysfunctional family - full of camaraderie, but brimming with hilarious oddballs.

Janet can be seen and heard:

  • Planet Janet Trivia Events
  • Local Laughs - returning soon!
  • Cinema Fiasco with Geoff Wallis - returning soon!
  • ABC Local Radio's Overnights With Trevor Chappell. She's on every second Tuesday at 2.30am (local time which late mornings in the US).


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